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On 11/25/10, Barack Obama <https://mail.google.com/mail/h/8ulhddh81vla/?v=b&cs=wh&to=info@barackobama.com> wrote:

> Friend --
> When Michelle and I sit down with our family to give thanks today, I want You to know that we'll be especially grateful for folks like you.
> Everything we have been able to accomplish in the last two years was
> Possible because you have been willing to work for it and organize for it And every time we face a setback, or when progress doesn't happen as

> As we would like, we know that you'll be right there with us, ready to
Fight Another day.
> So I want to thank you -- for everything.
> I also hope you'll join me in taking a moment to remember that the
Freedoms  And security we enjoy as Americans are protected by the brave men and Women Of the United States Armed Forces. These patriots are willing to lie down

> Their lives in our defense, and each of us owes them and their families a
> Debt of gratitude.
> Have a wonderful day, and God bless.
> Barack

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(The copy of this special letter was written to Aagh Dilbar from

President Barack Obama by internet. dated 11/25/2010)
With greetings and best wishes.


The forum for culture and civilizations

Peace for  Humanity
Hearing the Voice of A GREAT REVOLUTION
Excelsiour,(With the help of People,sStruggle) Change the World for
the Revolution



Special Letter to President Barack Obama:

The Great Leader of the World

By Agha Dilbar

I, Agha Dilbar, have sent Mr. President 100 registered research Letters (1000 new ideas to develop America and to Change the World forPeace and Prosperity) through Embassy of USA in Islamabad till today
and also sent these registered Letters to Whitehouse Washington DC
20500. The letters have been written along the guidelines of CHANGE WE
NEED focusing on the problems of common men and with respect to and in
pursuit of real solutions. To end economic recession, unemployment and
to cease wars, and to guarantee peace and prosperity in the world. In
these letters, I sent one thousand new scientific suggestions and
plans on matters affecting every walk of life with global peace,
friendship, progress and prosperity at their core.

Dear President Barack Obama, the Great Leader

of the World, my Friend, my Brother,

I ask that you provide an opportunity for Agha Dilbar to pay
an official visit to America, that we two brothers can sit

together and by halting this horrible war

(In this war, 1-million people have died
since the events of 9/11. If this war continues, it will become the
Third World War which could cost more than 200-million lives) and
pulling the 6.5 billion people of the world from the abyss of
destruction and then put them on the road to progress and prosperity.
Dear President Barack Obama, please consider how from 9/11/2001 until
today, America has conducted many war operations in connection with
the "War on Terror" which have resulted in a cycle of conflict that
has expanded hundreds of times. In this period millions of innocent
persons have lost their lives and many more have been rendered
homeless. War affected youth are joining the armies of Al-Qaeda and
the Taliban with the support of anti-American countries and have
launched horrific guerrilla wars. This is the result of an incorrect
war strategy. I, Agha Dilbar, desire to solve all above mentioned
problems in a meeting with President Barrack Obama by adopting a new
revolutionary plan by bringing an end to present guerrilla wars in
Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The result would be a world which can
enter into a peaceful modernizing progress. I sincerely hope it will
be so.

I, Agha Dilbar, have a new war strategy to achieve success through
diplomatic negotiations between the Taliban and the Pakistani and
American governments. Ninety percent of the Taliban fighting against
Pak Army comes from the Swat and tribal areas of NWFP. I believe I can
provide America with all the realistic facts that would allow for the
implementation of programs that can convert the Taliban fighters into
patriotic citizens of Pakistan. In this war strategy, Pakistan's
government will never send its heavy artillery, tanks, canons or
aircrafts to engage with the Taliban. In this way, the displacement of
5 million persons can be averted. In the end, the Taliban will hand
over their weapons to Pakistani Government and will come to table to
deliberate, ensuring a cessation in the suicide bombing attacks in
Pakistan. Through this war strategy, the Pakistani and American
Governments can save the exorbitant expenses of war. Through this
planning, they can also utilize their savings from war budgets to
develop schools, hospitals, markets, roads,
bridges, dams, canals and
industries in Swat and the most affected tribal areas of NWFP. On
account of the present war strategy, billions of dollars are being
wasted yearly with little positive outcome to anyone.
I am convinced that this war can cause the fall of America. Instead my
suggestion for America to keep its super power status in the world, it
must not conquer the world with war, but rather use its advanced
scientific technology and spend it on agriculture, trade, education,
scientific development and tourism globally. This could also trigger a
rebound that could end the economic crisis in America.
A new global package is being offered for your kind consideration.
America will have to make a complete and final announcement that in
the future, all multinational American companies will get land for no
longer than a 20-year lease to set up under the BOOT agreement (in
undeveloped and poor countries) factories, mills, hotels, schools,
colleges, universities, hospitals, air companies, shipping companies,
railways, bus transport and steel mills. All these companies will be
bound to handover without any cost to underdeveloped and poor
countries as their machinery and transport after 20-years.
 A new suggestion in connection with global cooperation involves the
return of export American agricultural and industrial products will
give his 50% profit to the exporting countries and utilize this as aid
for the development of agricultural, industrial, trade, educational
and touristic institutions. This suggestion could end the American
economic crisis and enhance support for America's foreign public
relations campaigns. I sincerely hope it will be so.
To make American foreign policy successful on a global level, the
following plans must be taken into consideration:
a)  America will have to provide free scholarships to at least 100 top
master students (in each underdeveloped and poor country in the world)
of medicine and sciences.
b) Highly educated and well-trained one hundred cultural groups (each
group contains 100 persons) will have to arrange one hundred cultural
shows for three months in big cities of underdeveloped and poor
c) America will have to arrange exhibitions through his Embassies for
its latest products, in the underdeveloped and poor countries. All
these mentioned above industrial exhibitions will be arranged
continuously for two months. The above mentioned exhibitions can
present products that can be sold.

Following rules and regulations will be undertaken for the progress

and prosperity of American students.
a) Among degree and diploma holders from all institutions, those
receiving degrees at the state level, 100 girls and 100 boys receive
cash prizes to be announced on behalf of the government during an
invitational lunch.
b) The top 200 achieving students (boys and girls), tours of different
historical sites will be arranged free of cost.
c) Talent schools of international level will be set up throughout the
country at a district level, in which students of extraordinary talent
are instructed from first grade onwards.
d) American state governments will announce free transport, free lunch
in all schools, colleges and universities.

To minimize the differences between societies, a plan which I hope to

present to you President Obama, we can curb the ever-increasing
distress and hatred growing between the Muslim world and America. It
is becoming a major cause of weakness in the relationship between
governments and publics. As a sincere friend, I have practical
suggestions to Barack Obama if given the opportunity to visit the
United States in an official capacity.

I request the government of America provide me with the opportunity to

describe (first of all my briefing with president’s advisors) my one
thousand plans and ideas for changing the world before a one-on-one
meeting with President Obama himself. With my thanks.

 The Government of America should announce it will provide free homes
to employees after 20 year of service as per the following rules and

1.     For providing free home facility to their employees after

retirement the government will deduct 2 ½% amounts for their monthly

2.     The government of America will deduct 2 ½% amounts of salaries

to the employee and will deposit the same in government treasury which
shall be paid to the housing company on monthly basis.

3.     The housing company shall provide beautiful home to the

government or non government employee after 20 year of service.

4.     The people not acquiring home after 20 year of service shall be

paid in whole by deducted total amount from their salaries during
their employment

 I, Agha Dilbar, have sent Ten Million research peace letters to the
international community since the 9/11 incident. This letter is my
Great Peace Mission plan which is I will continue to pursue. The
current global economic crisis is the result of the misguided War on
Terror. If this crisis accelerates further could initiate World War
III. Please hear my voice of truth. I believe my peace mission can
change the course of history but can only be realized without your
help, President Barack Obama.

Come president Obama; let us save the World from the havoc of war and
move towards friendship, peace and prosperity in the light of your
principle “CHANGE WE NEED”. President Obama should retreat your troops
from Iraq and Afghanistan for the sake of tranquility. Obama’s
Administration should refrain from directing Pakistani Government for
triggering military operation in the North Waziristan. In the next
phase, America can employ its military budget for health, education,
agriculture and for economic prosperity of Iraq, Afghanistan and
Pakistan. From 9/11 to the date, America’s wrong military strategy has
resulted in vast agony among people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Tribal areas
of Pakistan and Swat, against America. To counter such adverse
effects, America should take immediate steps in promoting economic
prosperity of affected areas of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan by
developing colonies, markets, schools, colleges, roads, canals and
President Obama let us think and sought out that after executing
several military operations since 9/11 to this date, what has been
accomplished by us. The fact is that approximately one million people
have been lost in this war. For their revenge one lack (100000) people
have become bombers and are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and
Pakistan... These people have devastating plans of attacking America
and allied European countries. Billions of dollars lost in this
meaningless war (War on Terror) has resulted in economic crisis and
unemployment. If this War on Terror continues, “fall of America” just
like “fall of Russia” can be predicted.
 Come Obama let us make peace, friendship, progress and prosperity all
over the World. By implanting this revolutionary Great Plan the War on
Terror will end in few months all round the World. (Amen)
Please look at this new housing plan for Americans. By commencing mega
housing projects massive problems such as unemployment, stagnation of
economy along with housing needs for masses could be catered.
1.      For implementation of this plan federal government and the state
governments will have to provide land to the housing companies at 50%
subsidize rates.
2.      Companies under the scheme will be registered name “National
Housing Development” (NHD) and will be assigned a registration number.
3.      On successful completion, these housing companies (NHD) shall
provide American citizens 50% fully constructed houses, flats,
schools, colleges, hospitals and commercial markets on soft loans for
five year period.
4.       The remaining plots of (NHD) shall provide, for construction of
houses, flats, schools, colleges, commercial markets, on lease of five
year period.
5.      The Federal and States Governments shall be provided  land to
housing companies (NHD) ranging from 100 acres, 500 acres, 1000 acres,
5000 acres up to 10000 acres, conditional upon credit worthiness and
bank guarantee.
6.      The housing projects under the scheme shall be completed within a
period of two years and shall be thereafter transferred to the
American people
7.      Foreign investors of (NHD) shall also be invited so that a large
pool of funds for adequate investment may be ensured.
Today I agha dilbar is going to present you such a great plan, by
implanting that all the food products would be sold at a very cheap
price in America.
With this plan, besides increase in employment resources, there would
be a boost in agriculture, industry, trade, tourism and export in
America and it would help to control economic crisis immediately.
1) All the federal and state governments would arrange a new law
enforcement, which would exempt all kind of taxes. These food items
are i-e vegetables, fruits, grains, sugar, chicken, eggs, meat fish,
cold drinks, juices ice cream, biscuits, sweets and medicines.
2) Under a new law in America, all the people dealing with food
business would be provided long term loan with 2% mark up for 5- years
by federal and states governments. And the company’s doing this
business would get 50%investment by the govt. as well.
         During the next seven years in America, the foiling rules and
Regulations would be observed to install one million wind mills and
One million off shore tide tribunes.
In the result of implanting the suggested plan, besides a large scale
Of production of pollution free electrical energy, there will be great
Development in employment, agriculture and industry
1) Federal and states government would announce no tax on wind mills
And off shore tide tribunes.
2) To install wind mills and off shore tide tribunes the federal and
States Governments provide free land near off shore.
3) To act upon the above mentioned plan, the federal and states
Governments America would announce to provide 50% capital to initiate
The business.
 During the next seven years in America, the following rules and
regulations would be observed to install One Million Wind mills and
One Million off shore Tide Tribunes.
In the result of implanting the suggested plan, besides a large scale
of production of pollution free electrical energy, there will be great
development in employment, agriculture and industry
Federal and States Government would announce no tax on Wind Mills and
off shore Tide Tribunes.
To install wind mills and off shore tide tribunes the Federal and
States Governments provide free land.
To act upon the above mentioned plan, the federal and states
governments America would announce to provide 50% capital to initiate
the business.

Mr. Barack Obama, you are not only the leader of America, you are

great leader of the world.
God bless you and God bless America.
Agha Dilbar (founder)
International Revolution Movement
64-neelum block ait Lahore (Pakistan)


c/o the Ambassadors Research Association

195 Clearview Avenue, Unit 821

Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z 6S1

Tel: +1-613-321-8573




I Agha Dilbar have sent approximately 10 million letters from 9/11
till to date through internet about ending WAR ON TERROR and for
establishment of PEACE

I Agha Dilbar have been constantly appealing President Obama for last

three years for AN OFFICAL VISIT TO AMERICA. I am hopeful that I will
succeed through my table talks with President Obama in making PEACE
all around the world.

From: Agha Dilbar Gardezi

Friendship Progress Prosperity

We Can Change the World (Obama)


See 500 pictures of Obama and flood victims of Pakistan in photo gallery
 Tears and Hope, Help Flood Victims of Pakistan
 Agha Dilbar calls for help with Pakistan flood relief.
As I am sure all of you know Pakistan has experienced it is worst
natural disaster in history over 20-million people are in need of
water, food, shelter, medicine ,houses,  schools, hospitals and roads
,canals,dams,bridges etc.
Please do whatever you can to help, donate a dollar.  Tell a friend,
nothing is too little.
God bless you and keep Pakistan in your prayers.
Please do what you can to help. If you can donate please go to this
Internet link.


- - 

Problems and Solutions

180 Million Pakistani Citizens

In this worst situation, Pakistan Army can save Pakistan.
Takeover the governance & hold free fair election in next 6 months. 
Pakistan Army can Save Pakistan

I.      Corruption and Dearness
a.      Government Employees having charges of corruption ranging from
grade 17-22 to be dismissed from their present positions and
possession and prosecution their personal property.
b.      All vacancies in government institutions to be filled through open
merit scheme.
c. Concrete steps should immediately be taken to counter increasing
rate of inflation.
1.      Farmers should be granted soft loans ranging up to Rs. 5 million at
2% markup.
2.      Owners of poultry and cattle farm houses hold also be provided soft
loans ranging up to Rs. 5 million at 2% markup.
3.      Cottage industry should also be facilitated by granting soft loans
ranging up to Rs. 5 million.

II.      Load shedding
a.      Construction of network of small hydal power plants on the verge of rivers.
b.      Construction of waste power plants for provision of electricity to
urban areas. It will also be helpful in waste management.

III.      Terrorism
a.      Drown attacks and presence of American and NATO forces in
Afghanistan and Iraq are main cause of terrorism in Pakistan.
b.      The American Government has to be convinced by the Pakistani
Government that drowns attacks are not in anyone’s favors and
therefore should be stopped.

IV.      Illiteracy
a.      Model schools, Colleges and Universities to be developed at district level.
b.      Establishment of technical training institutes meeting
international standards. Theses institutes should provide
matriculation passed students three year diploma on technical

V.      Health, Horticulture and provision of clean water
a.      Construction of Hospitals at district level equipped with latest
facilities. Deserving patients would be provided free of cost medical
facilities. Training institutes for nurses to be established beside
these hospitals
b.      For provision of healthy living, model gardens should be
constructed at district level. Following services should be provided:
i.      Super stores
ii.     Salons and beauty parlors
iii.    Marriage halls
iv.     Gymnasium
v.      Automotive repair shops
vi.     Tailoring shops
vii.    Clubs
c.      Water purifications plants of international standard to be sited in
the cities.

VI.      Curtailment of Encroachments and impurification
a.      A new law should be devised through which persons involved in
impurification of eatables and medicines should be punished with
imprisonment of twenty-five years.
b.      Legislation by the government for dealing with encroachments on
public property. The violators will be punished with penalties
amounting to Rs 10 million and imprisonment of ten years.

VII.      Regulation of Courts
a.      Legislation to be done for disposing off decisions within seven
days. Those judges who fail to fulfill the condition will also be
b.      Private Cottage Industries will be established within Jail
premises. These industries will provide training to the prisoners.
c.      The prisoners will be provided half of their wages in cash. The
remaining portion of their wages will be utilized on provision of food
and cloth.
d.      A private super store will be established in the prison. Prisoners
will be allowed to buy from this store.

Hearing the Voice of A Great Revolution!    
Excelsiour (with the help of People's Struggle)           
 Change the World for the Revolution                    

How is it possible to pave the way for a peaceful

revolutional struggle to end corruption, injustice
and lawlessness in any country?

1.      The general public, at national level, should cease all means of public transport for seven days.
2.      All government and private offices, schools, colleges, universities  and commercial markets shall be closed for seven days.
3.      This struggle shall be confined to constitutional limits. Any type of violence shall be discouraged.
4.      Agha Dilbar declare Civil Disobedience against any Government in the World, for Injustice, lawlessness and corruption.

Strategic Plan for Creation of

10 Million Jobs for Americans

1.   The American Government will declare provision of free of cost land to foreign investors(Europe, Japan, China, Middle East and Africa) for establishment of industrial undertakings on condition that such setups will commence operational activities within two years of establishment.

2.   Maximum employment of American citizens should be observed. In this regard following benchmarks can be used;

Nationality Holders    90%

Foreigners                   10%

3.   A new institution “American Authority” will be established. It will be responsible for determining the extent of provision of free of cost land in accordance with the size of investment to foreign investors.




LAHORE, Oct 30: Imran Khan surprised his detractors on Sunday by holding a massive public meeting, described by political observers as one of the biggest rallies held in Lahore over the past two decades. And in a hard-hitting speech he asked the rulers to declare their assets and threatened a civil disobedience movement and a country-wide blockade if they did not do so.

 "Declare your assets or face the wrath of people," the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf chief roared.

He said declaration of politicians' assets was necessary for a transparent governance. If politicians did not do so, the PTI would set up a commission to prepare a list of politicians and their assets and take it to court, he said.

Mr. Khan laid out his "plan to save the country' as his supporters, including a large number of youths and women, raised enthusiastic slogans.

Caravans of youths from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also attended the meeting in the vast Minar-i-Pakistan ground.

Imran Khan said the PTI would never use the army against its own people nor would ever beg for aid. "Jinnah would have never begged and Imran will rather die than beg," he said.

Though there was nothing new in the speech or the plan, the large meeting helped his party to maintain the momentum it had built with a series of rallies in Punjab and other areas.

Mr Khan said the PTI would end corruption, declare an education emergency, improve tax collection, pursue an independent foreign policy, bring Balochistan into the mainstream national politics, end the war on terror and protect rights of minorities and women.

He said most of the crises in the country were a result of corruption of the ruling elite.

Once it is taken up by an independent election commission and judiciary, the rest will be easy. "Pakistan is losing over Rs3,000 billion a year in tax corruption. If it can be tapped, the country does not need foreign aid. Once the government wins the confidence of people, economic woes would simply go away."

'Declare assets or face civil disobedience'

Imran's Lahore rally stuns opponents

Mr Khan said a country that had "over 180 billion tons of coal reserves could not in any way be called an energy starved state". There is an equally great potential in hydro-electric resources.

"If the PTI can run thermal units even at 70 per cent of their installed capacity, currently running at 25 to 30 per cent, the country will have no energy crisis," he said.

On foreign policy, he said the focus should be on "independence, not slavery: the PTI will want friendship with everyone, including the Americans, but on the basis of equality. The Americans will be told that Pakistan cannot fight their war and Pakistan Army cannot do its bidding.

"Ties with China will form the cornerstone of PTI's foreign policy. I am leaving tonight for China at the invitation of the Chinese government and friendship with them will be pursued to the fullest."

In a bid to dispel a perception of belonging to the 'ultra right wing' he said the PTI would "declare an education emergency for women; they will be educated and their right to property will be ensured as enshrined in Islamic laws. The minorities should rest assured that the PTI will stand for them once in power".

He said drone attacks were part of the problem rather than a solution. "They are feeding terrorism. The PTI believes that they are pushing over one million armed Pakhtuns to the other side of the divide. Once Pakistan quits the US-sponsored war on terror, these one million armed tribal people will take care of militancy and terrorism in their areas. It is simply a matter of making the right choices."

He Said: "The Lahorites are slow to wake up, but once they do, as they are now, they are unstoppable." He urged the people to "mobilise themselves to save the country".

He concluded his speech by warning both President Asif Ali Zardari and Pakistan Muslim League-N Chief Nawaz Sharif that "change is not only imminent but already under way and the corrupt will not find a place now to hide".

AFP adds: Mr Khan said that his party would help US troops pull out from Afghanistan and bring militancy in the country to an end.

"My message to America is that we will have friendship with you but we will not accept any slavery," he told the crowd.

"We will help you n a respectable withdraw of your troops from Afghanistan, but we will not launch a military operate in in Pakistan for you."

Top US officials, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, last week visited Pakistan to press for action against militant: particularly the Haqqani network, which is blame for anti-US attacks in Afghanistan.

Witnesses said the rally was attended by some 150,000 people while organizers put the number at over half a million.

People came in packed buses, trucks, cars and tractors from Lahore and other cities. Roads were blocked for hours due to heavy crowds. 

With Greetings and Best Wishes


Agha Dilbar Gardezi